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dj social.


DJ Social was born and raised in Boston, MA.

Being raised in a very diverse neighborhood, Carlos enjoyed music from all type's of cultures from around the world.

And ofcourse, as his parents are from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, his first love for music was Latin.

As a teenager, DJ Social assisted West Roxbury High School and learned how to DJ in his High School radio station.

While in High School, DJ Social would mix music during the lunches where everyone in school would hear him DJ. Being that he could mix music really well, one of his professors that also DJs took eye on this and asked DJ Social if he would assist him DJ at Weddings, Proms, and other events.

It has now been 15+ years ever since High School and DJ Social has really took his craft to the next level and has set the standard in Private Events in the Boston with his creative style of DJ'n and MC'n.

As he likes to say,

"Seeing people have fun and dance on the dancefloor is the greatest satisfaction I have when I DJ & MC."

DJ Social truly loves what he does and just with the pictures that he posts on his Instagram, you can clearly see how much fun all of his clients have when they they hire professionals that truly love what they do. ❤️

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